Mercedes W126 (Gas only) Odometer gear repair set

Mercedes W126 (Gas only) Odometer gear repair set


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Mercedes W126 gas odometer gear repair set

Please note: This version of VDO gears is meant  Mercedes W126 (gas ONLY!) odometer gear repair set that require a 16 tooth third gear.

This odometer repair kit is for the following Mercedes cars:

  • Mercedes W126 from 1978-1991 280SEL,300SE/SEL, 380SE/SEC/SEL,420SEL,500SEL/SEC,560SEC/SEL (Does not work for 300SD or 350SD)
  • Mercedes 1988-1995 W124 400E,E420,500E and E500 U.S specs MPH
  • Mercedes 1981-1985 W107 380SL/SLC and 500SL
  • Mercedes 500SL and 560SLs from 1986-1989 U.S specs MPH


W126 mercedes odometer DIY kit includes:

The three gears that need replacement.  We no longer include two spacers since our newest design includes a stand off (post) that keeps the gears spaced correctly and moving smoothly (just like the original OEM gear design).  The factory W126 (gas) gears get soft over time (imagine how a stale Oreo cookie would feel when broken in half, thats what the gears in your current broken gauge feels like). These gears are quality made with better then oem material with a quality fit and finish. 

On these W126 (gas) sets there are a couple different options for the third gear count. The most common is 16. This is the default number we send. Please check the number of teeth on your third gear to confirm you get the right version. If you do not we will send you the default (and most common) tooth count.

When purchasing our kit be sure to check out our INSTALLATION DIY GUIDE.

W126 diesel odometer gears

W126 diesel odometer gears


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