Polyurethane e30 rear subframe bushings (95a)

Polyurethane e30 rear subframe bushings (95a)


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Polyurethane E30 Rear Subframe Bushings (95A)

These are our 95A durometer poly rear subframe bushings for the E30. These are our "green" mounts. They are the harder poly bushing we make (we have a softer poly version as well as a harder delrin version). These are great for dual purpose cars that see track days and drift application. They offer a good trade off between performance without the noise delrin/solid bushings add. They mount the rear E30 subframe to the chassis removing most flex from the suspension. The stock bushing "floats". This means that the subframe is meant to move. BMW does this for comfort. Its not a good thing when it comes to performance. These poly E30 rear subframe bushings will make the subframe not able to deflect and move in all kinds of unwanted directions. Pair these up with our poly rear trailing arm bushings to do the job right the first time!  These are stiffer than the OEM units which will cause some minor NVH. Includes everything needed for installation. Includes both bushings as well as  aluminum sleeves. 

The 12mm raised subframe bushings reduces camber by 4.0 - 4.5 degrees (better for a street application). Average change is from -5 degrees to -1.5 degrees (depends on suspension setup). The standard subframe bushing kit  does not change camber (better for a track application). 

These E30 poly rear subframe bushings will reduce play in the suspension substantially compared to old and mushy bushings.  These are the "standard height" bushings. If you would like the subframe raised 12mm to compensate for unwanted rear camber, then we have our "raised versions" of these as well. We highly recommend professional installation as these will require a press to install as well as remove your old bushings. Let us know if you would like these pressed into your subframe!

Comes with a lifetime warantee.

Fits BMW 3 Series E30 (318, 323, 325 & M3) DOES NOT FIT  iX model).

These replace OEM part number 33311129144 (33-31-1-129-144)

Why should go to poly rear subframe bushings in my E30?

E30s are old. Those rear subframe bushings are tired. Chances are they have never been changed. You have lowered your car. But you may still notice that the rear of the e30 is constantly trying to kill you as you go around a turn. Well, that's the e30 rear subframe moving around causing the rear end of the car to become unstable and at times unpredictable.  This is often paired with annoying clunking sounds and creaks. From a performance aspect having a loose subframe messes with your suspension's alignment and settings. The poly rear subframe bushings make for better suspension alignment and tighter feel. WILL increase road-noise a little in a street car. Price for 1 pair of mounts (includes races). 

Why use poly rear subframe bushings in my E30?

Well, we will start by mentioning that the factory bushings are made of rubber (duh!).  That means that BMW put them there because they are designed to flex and absorb energy making it a little comfy on the street and not allowing a sh** ton of noise to get in). That's wonderful if your car is a street car, but on an all out track rat, drift car, or  full out race car build you want your alignment to stay constant. Get it? Flex = the enemy. That makes Delrin the ultimate bushing for all out race vehicles. It does add a lot of noise into the car. That's where poly bushings shine. They offer performance similar to delrin without the noise!

Price is for a pair (2 units). Enough to do 1 car.

e30 poly rear subframe bushings


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