Porsche 20 x 32 odometer gear -911 Euro/Asian -KM (Base, Carrera, SC, Turbo) 1975-1989

Porsche 20 x 32 odometer gear -911 Euro/Asian -KM (Base, Carrera, SC, Turbo) 1975-1989


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Porsche 20 x 32 odometer gear

Ready to fix the odometer on your classic Porsche? This odometer gear tooth count is 20 x 32. This gear is commonly found in:

  • 911 Euro and Asian -KM (Base, Carrera, SC, Turbo) 1975-1989

Please note, that although 20 x 32 is the most common gear found in this model. It is YOUR responsibility to open your odometer and count your gears to make sure. The other possibility is a 20 x 22. If you do not count your gears, and take your car apart then please do not call us telling us we sent you the wrong gears and that we should overnight you the correct set. Please check before ordering. 

Don't even try to take it to the dealer or any shop for that matter, the only  "repair" they will suggest is to buy a brand new speedometer. Not only is this costly on your classic Porsche, but it will have the same weak gears internally that can fail as soon as you press the mileage reset button. Do it once, do it right, and don't break the bank doing it. This is the same gear that some places sell for $30+ Easy installation! This makes it a diy project.  Unlike your OEM Porsche soft rubber like  odometer gears, our delrin gears will not fail. EVER. Guarantee to outlive the car.  Our gears are made in the U.S.A. and come with a LIFETIME PARTS WARRANTY, we are confident that the product will give you years of trouble free service. 

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