E30 6 speed getrag transmission extension brackets (e36m euro 6, e46m 6 speed gearbox)

E30 6 speed getrag transmission extension brackets (e36m euro 6, e46m 6 speed gearbox)


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E30 6 speed transmission mount adapter

This bracket is for those of you with an e30 who want to do a 6 speed conversion using getrag e36 m euro 6 speed, ZF 6 speed or e46m 6 speed gearbox. So you can now have a 6th gear in your e30 with your M42, M47, M20, M50, M52, S52, M54, S54 engine combo! 

These adapters allow the use of your oem transmission brace. When swapping in a bmw 6 speed transmission, the additional length of the transmission means you cannot use your factory transmission brace. You will need to "extend it". To do this, you need these precut trans bracket extension brackets. Simply weld them onto your factory brace and you 6 speed is mounted! With this kit its pretty much a 100% Oem look and fit to transmission.

What engines could use these 6 speed gear boxes?:

  • M42 4 cyl
  • M47 4 cylinder (disel)
  • M20 6 cyl
  • M50/M52/S52/M54 6 cyl
  • S54 6 cyl
  • N54 6 cyl
  • N55 6 cyl

Note: The e46 330i zhp zf 6 speed gear box has an updated design of clutch splines (read:efficient!) as well as dual ear shift carrier from the factory (read:less shifter play!). 

Price is for a pair (2 units). Enough to do 1 car.

6 speed e30

m20 6 speed

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  • Brand: Garagistic
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