E30/E36 Control Arm Eyeballs for E46 Control Arms V2 - "Treehouse"

Pre-Order E30/E36  Control Arm Eyeballs for E46 Control Arms V2 - "Treehouse"


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E30 & E36 Control Arm Eyeball for E46 Hex Control Arms - "Treehouse" V2

Currently on pre-order. Will start shipping 2nd Week of Sept.

We are redesigning this product to be lighter and stronger. The new revised Treehouse control arm mounts will be available near the END of August and will be 7075 aluminum made with the newest technologies to ensure the highest tensile strength and the lightest weight possible. 7075 is able to match most steel alloys in terms of strength and the new anodized coating will keep them looking good.

Introducing Garagistic's E46 Hex Treehouse Control Arm Mounts for the E30 and E36 chassis. Here is a quick and easy way to add angle, track width, caster, and camber to your E30 or E36! E46 front control arms have been used by E30 and E36 drifters for years, it's no secret that they really work. With our E46 Hex Treehouse Control Arm Mounts, you don't need to grind down the ends of your E46 control arms to make them fit on the E30 and E36. Our mounts come with an all new billet aluminum housing that's anodized a deep Garagistic red and will have a delrin insert that is covered by our lifetime warranty. Our delrin inserts are available in both the smaller and the larger hex sizes so just let us know what size hex your E46 control arms are at checkout!

We offer these control arm mounts in two versions (explanations of each is below):

  • Offset: traditional setup
  • Centered: for custom suspension geometry

Offset Version E46 Hex Treehouse Control Arm Mounts for the E30/E36

The offset version E46 Hex Treehouse Control Arm Mounts for the E30/E36 allow you to take full advantage of the added track width and caster of the E46 control arms. This is the standard setup for those looking to add E46 front control arms to their E30 or E36 chassis. When doing this modification, you will also need to replace your tie rods to account for the new suspension geometry. To run this setup you will need E90 inner tie rods (32106765235 / 32106765236) and E36 outer tie rods (32111139315 / 32111139316). 

Centered Version E46 Hex Treehouse Control Arm Mounts for the E30/E36

The centered Version E46 Hex Treehouse Control Arm Mounts for the E30/E36 is for those with custom suspension setups that need to remove caster.

This option is for those that are looking to experiment with their suspension setups and create a custom suspension geometry.

After installing these control arm mounts, you will feel a drastic difference in handling and steering feel. While rubber OEM bushings are built to be complacent on the street and comfortable for the passengers, they allow more movement than is ideal for a performance oriented vehicle. By stiffening up the mounting point of the front control arm mounts, steering will be sharper and the car will corner more effectively. 

Excellent for both regular Drift, Street, and Track use. Unfortunately, not Spec-E30/E36 legal. These are very similar to the discontinued "Treehouse racing" eyeball control arm bushing mounts. As with all of Garagistic products; we offer a lifetime guarantee. Price is for a pair (2 units). Enough to do 1 car.

The front control arm bushings for these cars is also an important maintenance item that should be addressed right away to prevent a possible accident and costly repairs. With the age and the average mileage of E30s and E36s, it is more than likely that the the majority of the bushings will need to be replaced. Replace it with our control arm bushings and mounts and never have to do it again! Do it once, do it right.


These replace OEM part number 31129069035.

These bushings will replace the following BMW's:

  • 1984 - 1991 BMW 3 Series All Models 
  • 1992 - 1999 BMW 3 Series All Models
  • 1995 - 2002 BMW Z3 Series All Models

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