E30/E36 Control Arm Eyeball Centered Arms - "Treehouse" V2 - Preorder

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E30 & E36 Control Arm Eyeball Centered Arms - "Treehouse" V2

Currently on pre-order. Will start shipping end of August.

We are redesigning this product to be lighter and stronger. The new revised Treehouse control arm mounts will be available near the END of August and will be 7075 aluminum made with the newest technologies to ensure the highest tensile strength and the lightest weight possible. 7075 is able to match most steel alloys in terms of strength and the new anodized coating will keep them looking good.

Looking for a way to sharpen your E30/ E36's overall steering and chassis feel? Our Treehouse Style Centered Control Arm Mounts are 100% American made and produced in Southern California out of high grade billet aluminum which is CNC milled to tolerances well beyond factory control arm lollipop mounts. Our Treehouse style centered control arm mounts are not only a great performance upgrade but also a permanent solution to a common wear item on these cars. OEM rubber front control arm mount bushings have to be replaced multiple times over the course of the car's life. With our Treehouse control arm mounts, you just have to install it once and never replace it again. These are a direct replacement for OEM lollipops and bushings and are in the centered position so you can run the same geometry as stock. These control arm mounts come with a press fit Delrin insert that's good for life! The delrin insert in the control arm mount is not only self lubricating, but does not wear like inferior UHMW.  This setup is a step up from just upgrading to poly or Delrin replacement bushings. Their biggest advantage is the design which will hold the control arm steady under all cornering loads. There is no room for movement/play with this setup. This is one of the most solid setups you can achieve on your E30 without DTM style solid mounting A.K.A. welding your control arm mounts directly to the body. You will immediately feel tighter handling and improved turn in response.

The geometry of these eyeball mounts will eliminate the "shimmy" and wheel hop caused by stock bushings and turn your daily driver into a canyon crusher. These treehouse style eyeball arms offer the greatest performance increases in handling and turn-in while still being 100% acceptable for street use! There will be a very slight increase in noise but is well worth the trade off in stability. If noise is a concern we also carry poly control arm bushings that get pressed into your stock lollipop mounts. They cost less then these eyeball mounts and will have less noise.   

Excellent for both regular Street or full Track use. Unfortunately, not Spec-E30/E36 legal. These are very similar to the discontinued "Treehouse racing" eyeball control arm bushing mounts. As with all of garagistic products; we offer a life-time guarantee. Price is for a pair (2 units). Enough to do 1 car. 


These replace OEM part number 31129069035.

These bushings will replace the following BMW's:

  • 1984 - 1991 BMW 3 Series All Models 
  • 1992 - 1999 BMW 3 Series All Models
  • 1995 - 2002 BMW Z3 Series All Models

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