Weighted Shift Knob for E21, E28, E30, E34, E36, E46 - 25111434495

BMW E21, E28, E30, E34, E36, E46-Weighted Shift Knob-25111434495

Weighted Shift Knob - E30, E36, E46 (25111434495)

Time to upgrade that old, tired, worn out and dirty 5 speed shift knob for an upgraded weighted unit. Weighted shift knobs offer a better throw feel and control. Refresh your shift knob in your classic bmw with this direct replacement. Great unit (and period correct for: E21, E28, E30, E34, E36, E46)

Why is a weighted shifted knob better? The answer relates to basic physics. A heavy gear knob carries with it more kinetic energy and has greater momentum than a less lighter gear knob travelling at the same speed. You may think that its only a little heavier, and you would be right, but it doesn't take much difference for you to feel.

Since kinetic energy and momentum are directly proportional to an objects mass, the more massive (heavy) an object is the more kinetic energy it carries with it through it's movement, and it has a greater momentum than a less massive object travelling at the same speed.

In english, this means less effort to get into gear as well as a smoother engagement. 

Once you try driving with a weighted gear knob, you will never want to go back to stock. The difference is quite simply amazing.

What BMWS will these shifted knob work in?

Although this will fit any bmw.  It is period correct for:

  • E21
  • E28
  • E30
  • E34
  • E36
  • E46

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