E30 booster delete bracket (for wilwood and tilton pedal box)

E30 booster delete bracket (for wilwood and tilton pedal box)


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E30 booster delete bracket (for wilwood and tilton pedal box)

Its no secret. The brake booster relocation is the hardest part of the v8 into e30 swap! The factory booster is in the way. Some choose to use e32/e34 booster setup and relocate behind the headlight. This is costly, requires lots of custom work, cluters engine bay, and requires the removal or relocation of the complete abs setup including brake lines.

With this boosterless brake setup bracket, swap time is shorter, and swap is cleaner. Our boosterless brake bracket allows you to use wilwood or tilton pedals/master cylinders.  Everything is relocated tightly and neatly under the dash in the factory pedal area. When the conversion is done, its all hidden! Simply mount the resevours in your engine bay and thats the only give away. Easy way to get a wilwood pedal box for your e30.

How is the E30 booster delete bracket mounted?

Mounting (body side) consists of three of the factory holes under the dash + three holes near the firewall that need to be drilled. Bracket is completly assembled and tig welded (certified welder) on arrival. All hardware is supplied. 

Pedal assembly is not included. We recomend using Wilwood 340-11299 Brake and Clutch Pedal Assembly

What size master cylinders should I use with my boosterless delete setup?

We recommend using masters with 5/8" bore front and rear for factory sized or similar brakes. These are the most compact masters and the smaller bore means that effort will be bearable (especially if you plan to run these on the street).

You will  also need 3 master cylinders. 2 for the brakes and 1 for the clutch. For most customers a 5/8 bore for the brakes keeps the pedal effort to a minumum and safe.

The correct 5/8 master cylinders needed can be found here:Wilwood 260-10371 Short 5/8" Bore Master Cylinder Kit

For the 3/4 bore clutch we recommend this version:3/4" BORE, WILWOOD, PART # 260-10372


We now carry willwood pedals and master cylinders in a package deal. Simply select the option above to  "add pedals and master cylinders" and you will get everything needed to bolt the boosterless wilwood into your e30. You will get the adjustable pedal assembly (340-11299), 2 5/8 wilwood master cylinders, and one 3/4 master cylinders. If you would like different bore sizes let us know and we can change them. Otherwise these recommended default bores will be selected. 

General rule of thumb: Bigger bores: Minimal pedal travel/stiffer pedal/higher pedal effort. Smaller bores: Long pedal travel/softer pedal/less pedal effort. All grade 8 hardware included. Pedals/master cylinders/brake switch are not included and must be bought. This is for the conversion bracket and hardware only.

This pedal mount does not work with airbag steering columns.  To use this mount in an airbag car, a non-airbag steering column must be installed first.

Uses three of the factory holes under the dash + three holes near the firewall that need to be drilled. Works on left hand drive cars only.

Please note: We no longer include the 3 brass fittings picture as we upgraded to better fittings that are included in the plumbing kit.

Instructions can be found here

e30 brake booster delete

e30 boosterless brake setup

bmw e30 brake booster delete

e30 brake switch bracket shown below. Drilling is required into your pedal assembly. Then bracket bolts up using supplied hardware. Instructions can be found here

e30 brake switch bracket

Instructions can be found here

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