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E36 M3 AST 5100 Series 1 Way Adjustable Coil Overs 

Upgrade your E36 M3 Suspension with the AST 5100 1 way adjustable monotube coil overs! These are designed for the primarily street and spirited driven cars and offer excellent features and value. The AST E36 M3 5100 series coil overs feature monotube damper technology which gives better performance than the more standard twin tube design. Monotube dampers utilize a floating piston to separate the gas pressure within the body. This eliminates cavitation and airation within the damper and ensures consistent performance! The E36 AST M3 5100 series coil overs also allow you to fine tune the rebound with an easily accessible adjustment knob. The 5100 series dampers allow not only adjustment of the ride height but also are designed to keep the maximum amount of stroke on the damper even when heavily lowered. This helps prevent the shocks from bottoming out and ensures optimum performance.  If you are looking for the best performance out of your street car look no further than the E36 AST 5100 series coil overs! 

Approximate lead time is 3-5 weeks

Features and Specs: 

  • Monotube rebound adjustable (1-way) damper
  • Floating piston design with high pressure nitrogen elminates cavitation and the piston
  • 22mm / 14mm diameter shaft struts, non inverted
  • Steel cylinder shock body
  • low friction seal
  • Permanent adjuster knobs (no searching for the adjustment tool, make adjustments on the fly!)
  • Rubber bushings for rear lower shock mounts
  • Optional Spherical top mounts 
  • Optional DDP (double digressive piston)
  • Rebuildable and fully serviceable damper
  • Custom valving available (PLEASE CONTACT US)
  • Fits E36 M3 all models

Why Monotube dampers and how do they work? 

Monotube damper design is essential for optimum performance. The monotube damper design allows for a larger diameter piston. This larger piston is also a floating design allowing for better separation of the oil and nitrogen preventing cavitation and airation within the damper. What this means is that the damper has increased performance and sensitivity felt by the driver. This gives the driver more feedback and control of the vehicle helping you to have ultimate confidence when pushing your car! 

What is rebound (1-way) adjustment? 

Rebound describes how the shock extends after it is compressed also called rate of extension. By changing the rate of extension or rebound of the damper you can directly change the roll and handling characteristics of your vehicle. What this means is you can fine tune the damper to your preference and optimal performance. 


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