BMW Rear Subframe Camber or Toe Correction Kits (e30, e28, e34, z3, e21)

BMW Rear Subframe Camber or Toe Correction Kits (e30, e28, e34, z3, e21)

BMW E30 Rear Subframe Camber or Toe Correction brackets

The stock e30, e21, e28, e32 and e34 rear subframes does not allow you to align the rear wheels. Alignment is a critical point in spec e30 as well as general tracking/autocrossing. A must when lowering your car. Its night and day difference. When an e30 is lowered, the car has alot of negative camber. Although this is wanted by some, it can be excessive. These brackets get welded to the rear subframe on the rear control arm mounting points. You slot the orginal hole and have these professionally welded in place. Then using OEM essentric BMW hardware the rear of your e30 can be aligned! We offer the welding service in our Westminster location. So drop it off of ship it to us!

Do not be fooled by inferior kits consisting of bent sheet metal tabs that are flimsy and inferior. The fitment is poor on the eccentric bolt which increases the likelihood your car will go out of alignment over time or if driven aggressively. We have had customers get their cars out of alignment in a SINGLE track event with those kits! 

Instructions on how to install kit can be found here.

Can be used for BMW e21, e28, e30, e32, e34, e36 318ti, and Z3. These are spec e30 legal! Professional installation recommended. WELDING REQUIRED! More details.

Whats included and which kit do I need?

Each "kit" includes 4 brackets. This is enough to do either camber or toe. You need to order 2 kits to make the rear subframe fully adjustable for both camber AND toe. The subframe has 8 mounts (2 mounts on outside and 2 mounts on each wheel) . So to correct camber the brackets go on the inner mounts (closest to diff), and toe would go to the outer mounts (closest to the wheels). The camber brackets (inner tabs) should be welded with the slots going up and down. The toe bracket (outer tabs) slots should be horizontal

To make sure you get the right order:

One kit will do either toe OR camber.

Two kits will do both toe AND camber.

HARDWARE INFO: Please be sure to check if you want the genuine BMW OEM Hardware( Inlcudes Eccentric Bolts, Eccentric Washers and Bolts). Hardware bmw part numbers:

33321095102 - Eccentric Bolt

33306786186 - Eccentric Flat Washer

33326760668 - Self-Locking Collar Nut

Instructions on how to install kit can be found here.

Instructions on how to install kit can be found here.

For the core exchange program:

Cost is $300 + core charge + plus shipping. For this you will get a painted prewelded adjustable subframe that has both camber and toe adjustment with eccentric hardware. This will also include reinforced differential mounting points. In the future we will also be offering poly bushings as an option in this core exchange program. Send us back your STRAIGHT core and we will refund you the $150 core charge. If you want your subframe powdercoated (most colors) it will be $70 additional. If you are interested in this service please contact us.

Full details on this service can be found here:

E30 camber and toe subframe modification

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