Bronze Clutch Pedal Bushings (fits most BMW :E30, E36, E46, Z3, Z4)

Bronze Clutch Pedal Bushings (fits most BMW :E30, E36, E46, Z3, Z4)


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BMW bronze clutch (and brake) pedal bushings! 

Got a loose or noisy clutch pedal arm driving you crazy? Sloppy? Side to side play? Pedal sits at an angle? Well, it's pretty common in aging BMW's! The original E30, E36, and E46 brake arm bushings have been pushed thousands of times and more often than not are showing their age. You can lubricate them to kill the noise, but that's only a temporary fix for the noise and doesn't fix the play. As we often say, "Do it once, do it right". No one wants to crawl under a dash more than they have to! Using our bronze clutch pedal bushings as a replacement to the stock bushings means you will never need to replace them again, this is a permanent fix!  This brass clutch pedal bushings unit is ideal for the clutch pedal, save the Delrin for the brakes. The reason for this is because the clutch pedal usually sees more use (rotational wise) making the brass a more appropriate material. However, for those wanting to go truly hardcore, these pedal bushings can be used for both the brake and clutch. 

What model BMWs will these bronze pedal bushings work on?

Fits all 1989-2005 3-series (E30, E36, E46), all 1989-2006 5-series (E34, E39, E60), all Z3, Z4, ( as well as all other manual-transmission BMW models built since 1989)

- E30: Late models ONLY (89+)

- E34: ALL

- E36: ALL

- E46: ALL

Note: Ideal for the clutch but may be used with both clutch and brake pedals.


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