BMW E28/E24/E34 44mm Rear Trailing Arm Bushings

BMW E28/E24/E34 44mm Rear Trailing Arm Bushings


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BMW E28/E24/E34 44mm Rear Trailing Arm Bushings

Introducing our large diameter (44mm) Garagistic trailing arm bushings for E28, E24, and E34 chassis is polyurethane and delrin. The factory rubber bushings are made with rubber and designed to provide comfort. This means that they deflect in multiple directions under use making the rear end feel unpredictable or numb to the driver. This is not good if you want to feel tuned in to your car and the road! We now offer these upgraded bushings in 80A, 95A, and solid delrin to help tighten up your rear end for the ultimate in driver feel. These bushings are recommended for the performance BMW enthusiast with increasing levels of stiffness depending on the desired use. Eliminate the slop in your rear end with a set of Garagistic trailing arm bushings! 

Note on the differences of poly and delrin in this application: 

We offer the BMW E28/E24/E34 44mm Rear Trailing Arm Bushings in 3 different materials: 80A poly, 95A poly, and solid delrin. Each material has its intended application and benefits. The 80A poly is the happy medium between upgraded bushings and plush OEM rubber. It is intended for the spirited street driver, and occasional Auto-X and track use. It offers a definite increase in performance with a limited increase in noise transfer and harshness. The 95A is the next tier up on the poly scale, offering a stiffer material than 80A and increased performance to match. If you have a car with a louder exhaust and or a car intended for only weekend use in the canyons or on Auto-X and track circuit this is the bushing for you. Finally the solid delrin bushings are for the ultimate in performance. This stiff solid bushing offers almost no deflection, keeping the rear end as tight as you can get it! It is designed for the truly hardcore racers and track enthusiasts. Another note, the trailing arms go through a ton of articulation and movement during use, in light of this it is a common area for bushing squeak even with factory bushings, it is always recommended to keep these well greased! 


Which model BMW will these rear trailing arm bushings fit? 


  • M5
  • M535i
  • 535/i (09/82+)
  • 528i 
  • 528e (09/82+)
  • 525i (04/86+)
  • 525e (04/86+)
  • 520i (04/86+)
  • 524td (04/86+)


  • 628csi (05/82+)
  • 633csi (09/82+)
  • 635csi (09/82+)
  • M6 (09/82+)
  • M635csi (05/82+)




Please keep in mind when shopping around for trailing arm bushings that a lot of competitors use aluminum for the race instead of steel. This is not a good idea. It's not a good idea because nothing that rotates should be aluminum as it will wear due to the soft and malleable nature of aluminum compared to steel. Your BMW OEM race was steel and so is ours.  

Another note-worthy concern when purchasing bushings is in regards to hardware and tolerances; we make our products compatible with our parts as well as our competitors. We designed our parts for cross-compatibility to make things a bit easier for you when shopping for you E30. Our BMW poly trailing arm bushings are a prime example of this, they are not only be compatible with our camber and toe kit but others as well. The bolt diameter on the eccentric hardware (OEM BMW) for those who make their rear subframe adjustable using our camber and toe kit (while they have the subframe out) is bigger then the old oem e30 hardware (which could possibly be worn as well). So for this reason, we recommend that you replace your old, worn, tired and small stock hardware for bigger (and tighter fitting) hardware which you can find in the options list above. This is optional. However it's a great way to get an even more precise feel in the trailing arms you cant get from other kits out there.  Do it once, do it right. Kit includes 10.9 grade bolts, washers and even nylon locking nuts. Everything for the install.

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