E46 solid delrin rear subframe bushing 75D - 33312283573, 33312283574, 33312283419

E46 solid delrin rear subframe bushing 75D - 33312283573, 33312283574, 33312283419


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BMW e46 solid delrin rear subframe bushing (75D)


The e46 is a magnificent chassis. In track form, they can become beautifully balanced, predictable, and  make for fantastic track machines. However, before they can get there, the rear subframe is usually a good place to start as it tends to have the same weaknesses as its predecessors.

The 2 main things the e46 rear subframe is plagued with are worn suspension bushings and torn subframe mounting! When the e46 is driven hard on the street, track, or is simply racking up miles, the rear subframe goes through lots of road vibrations and lateral forces. Stock Rubber bushings will deflect and move around, potentially causing your chassis to crack on the subframe mounting points.  Excessive movement from the subframe bushings here transfers unwanted suspension motions and is major contributor to failures in the rear floor sheetmetal.  A simple google search will show endless pictures of e46 rear floor damages! 

Being that the  rear subframe is the main component of the BMW e46 rear suspension, replacing the rear subframe bushing also benefits all the components it attaches to because they move as a unit for the most part (if the subframe moves, it moves everything attached to it). That means the differential and half-shafts. Therefore, a track-prepped E46 should have subframe bushings swapped in before damage occurs to floor boards (its also a really good idea to weld in reinforcements while the subframe is out of the car). 

With our Delrin e46 rear subframe bushings, your subframe will remain solid mounted which means a reliable, more predictable, and planted e46. An absolute must for spec e46.  The rubber stock mounts flex and deflect because they are made with comfort in mind. For the performance enthusiast who just wants to stop forces applied throughout the sub-frame to make for a superior handling e46 these delrin upgrades are ideal.  Notices will be felt on/off throttle loading, cornering, weight transfer, etc.  Please note that because these are delrin, we recommend them for race application only as they will increase the noise that goes into the cabin just like all solid mounting bushings (our poly options for these is a lot quieter)

These subframe bushings replace OEM part numbers - 33312283573 (left front), 33312283574 (right front), and 33312283419 (left and right rear). 

This item fits the following BMWs: 

1999-2005 E46 BMW 323i 323ci 325i 325ci 325xi 328i 328ci 330i 330ci 330xi M3 

2001-2006 Spec E46 BMW 330i 330ci 

2003-2008 Z4 BMW Z4 2.5i Z4 3.0i Z4 3.0si Z4 M Roadster M Coupe

Price is for all 4 subframe bushings. Enough to do 1 car. Comes with lifetime warranty. 

Why use delrin bushings in my e46?

Well we will start by mentioning that the e46 factory bushings we made of rubber (duh!).  That means the bmw put them there because they are designed to flex and absorb energy making it a little comfy on the street and not allowing a sh** ton of noise to get in). Thats wonderful if your car is a street car, but on an all out track rat, drift car, or  full out race car build you want your alignment to stay constant. Get it? Flex = the enemy. That makes Delrin the ultimate bushing for all out race vehicles. It is incredibly strong, has no flex, and low coefficient of frictiom. That means no suspension bushing deflection ( which means no geometry change). We dont recommend delrin in street-use cars because of the amount of NVH but HIGHLY-recommended for track cars. If you are looking for a compromise between delrin and rubber, then check out our poly line. We offer them in a few flavors to suit your needs from OEM+, to dual purpose street/autox/track cars. Keep in mind that Delrin will outlast your OEM rubber bushings.

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