BMW E36 / E46 Rear Trailing Arm Bushing (RTAB) Limiter/shim kit

BMW E36 / E46 Rear Trailing Arm Bushing (RTAB) Limiter/shim kit


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BMW E36 / E46 Rear Trailing Arm Bushing (RTAB) Limiter/shim kit 

This is a set of delrin limiters (other wise known as a rear control arm shim kit). These "shims" fit on both sides of your RTABS in your e36 and e46. Includes both Left and right. Made in-house in the USA of wear resistant, noise resistant delrin. As with all garagistic made products, these rear trailing arm bushing limiters have a lifetime warranty! You may be asking, why should I install these limiters? 

Well the explanation is very easy, and once you look at your rear control arm bushings, you will know exactly how these can benefit the handling of your e36/e46. One quick glance at the rear trailing arm bushing (RTAB) and you will notice a very soft rubber design that floats. By floats, we mean that there are two large gaps on either side of the control arm. This allows too much movement and extension during cornering. Bushings that need to be replaced can even be moved by hand! Even when OEM rear trailing arm bushings are new they will allow for premature failure and unexpected changes in toe. To put it simply, the stock bushings are just not strong enough to resist hard cornering loads! Using our e36/e46 limiters will surround the rear trailing arm bushing which will then limiting side-to-side motion of the rear trailing arm. 

Not to mention that by limiting side to side motion you will then be able to maximize oem bushing life while eliminating undesired rear toe changes. These limiters/shims can even be used with OUR poly rear trailing arm bushings. This will further tighten unwanted control arm motion. Those are available in soft poly (80a), hard poly (95a). Limiter shims are not for use with Delrin RTABs, this causes excessive stress on the face of the bushing and can cause failure.  

Simple to install during a rear trailing arm bushing service (which should be done around 50,000 miles or 3 years). These limiters are a must for all E36/E46 3 Series and E85/E86 Z4 models, regardless if they are street or track driven. Sold as a set of four, one set required per vehicle. These can be used with other BMWs that use control arm bushings that have the part numbers 33322228153 and 33326757885.

WHAT IS IT COMPATIBLE WITH?  All E36 except "TI" and All e46s

We stand by our products, comes with a lifetime warranty.

Benefits of our BMW Rear Trailing Arm Bushing Limiter/shim kit

  • Better rear suspension response
  • Street car approved
  • Makes rear suspension predictable and planted
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Uses stock bushings or our poly units
  • Allows factory RTAB to last longer

Pair these up with our rear poly or delrin RTAB bushings for the ultimate upgrade. Click to see them. 

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