BMW E30 LS1/LS2 custom oil pan (built in baffling system)

BMW E30 LS1/LS2 custom oil pan (built in baffling system)


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BMW E30 LS1/LS2 conversion steel oil pan.

Introducing a proper e30 ls1/ls2  swap oil pan which is not only is this the correct oil pan for the e30 ls1 swap, it's also a proper road course, drag, and drift oil pan. Whats the mean? Means No starvation when you're using this bad boy! This custom oil pan features a competition baffling system of trap door baffles to keep that oil from sloshing down. This system allows oil to flow to the pickup compartment and then keeps it from flowing or sloshing away from the pickup during turns, acceleration, and braking. This oil pan offers fantastic ground clearance in the e30 (even with the sub-frame). With our ls1 e30 mounts/oil pan combo it also sits lower down and further back into the e30. This is because this is a completely custom oil pan; No hacking up cast OEM oil pans. OEM pans cannot get the engine as low as you can with this custom pan and with our mounts, not to mention welding on cast aluminum requires an experienced tig welder and a post and pre-heat treatment of the pan. It ends up being more expensive to modify the pan then buy our proper baffled oil pan. Every oil pan includes new dipstick, Oil Filter Relocation Block,Oil Pan Mounting Hardware, and fly wheel cover. This pan is designed to use the GM pickup part number #12572654 from the 04-06 GTO. Holds around 6.5 quarts, which is compatible with e36/e46 steering rack conversions (when our mounting arms are used). Includes dipstick, and all mounting hardware. Due to differences in the desired oil level in the pan (depending on oil accessories like an oil cooler etc.) the dipstick tube must be trimmed to desired length for proper oil level reading.

This oil pan comes come with:

  • Dipstick
  • Oil Filter Relocation Block (-12AN fittings not included)
  • Oil sensor plug  (optional use)
  • Oil Pan Mounting Hardware
  • Fly wheel cover


Options for this custom e30 ls1 oil pan explained:

  • Oil sensor plug  (if not using low oil sensor).
  • Sump Windage Screen is basically a crank scrapper. Basically the crank will have less rotating mass because of the removed oil. That translates to less power loss because of excessive drag caused by oil in the windage cloud. The tray keeps the cloud from forming by keeping oil down which helps avoid oil starvation issues in track cars during long turns. Oil temps will also be lowered slightly due to oil being able to return quickly to oil pan.


e30 ls1 oil pan

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