M Technic badge e30 (mtech)

 M Technic badge e30 (mtech)


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BMW e30 Mtechnic front and rear badges (replicas)

These badges are on an extended lead time. Approximate lead time to ship is 6-8 weeks. 

We are now replicating the long NLA front and rear e30 mtechnic badges. These badges were found on the e30 front grill and e30 trunk of mtech cars. Unlike the original badges, our front badge has a locking mechanism. The original ones simply had two brass tabs that would be bent to install and were often stolen. Our locking version eliminates that problem. The rear badge is held on with very strong double sided 3M tape. The "BMW" on the original badges was chrome, on ours it is a paint. All of the letters on our badges are hand painted. The badges are made of plastic as the originals were. When standing near a car these badges look identical to the original.

Although these are almost identical to the original badges, there are differences. If you are looking for exact replicas with an OEM quality this is not it! This is a reproduction of the badge. Although we do believe the quality is very good it is not as good as the oem factory piece. So please keep that in mind.  We want to make sure your know exactly what you are getting. That being said, when these are installed on the car they look identical and every way.  However, when your face is 10 inches from the part you will notice some differences. The biggest is our letters have split lines where the colors divide. These lines are undetectable when installed on the car and cannot be seen from a distance a person would be standing near your car. You will however notice them when you are holding the part in your hand.

If you are in any way dissatisfied with the part at all you may send them back for a complete refund or exchange. As with all of our products, we stand by our work. 

We include a LIFETIME WARANTEE on our badges! If there are any issues send it back and we will send you a NEW one! We stand by our work!

E30 M Technic Front Grill Badge

Rear badge below.

Rear badge e30 shown

Locking mechnism:

e30 mtechnic badge

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