E30 swap fuel signal obc correction module, m20, s14 and DOHC compatible

E30 swap fuel signal obc correction module, m20, s14 and DOHC compatible


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E30 swap fuel signal obc correction module, m20, s14 and DOHC compatible

Your OBC on your classic e30, e28 or e24 is a pretty neat little computer. Your obc is capable of telling you gas mileage, range and a couple of other gas/fuel related information. Its also very accurate as well. Not bad for some old tech. However, that accuracy of  the obc is only accurate with the original motor and stock injectors. If you do a motor swap, or larger injectors it wont be giving you the correct data anymore.  The usual symptoms of installing larger fuel injectors is that your On Board Computer (OBC) will display inflated mileage and range information.  This is due to the fact that the larger injectors require a shorter signal than the stock injectors to flow the same amount of fuel.  Your OBC interprets the shorter fuel pulse as increased fuel economy.

That where this module comes in! It restores complete accuracy with just a few wires.  The fuel signal converter is designed to correct for larger than stock fuel injectors on most Bosch and Siemens equipped vehicles. The fuel signal converter digitally conditions the fuel signal to match the signal for your stock injectors.  Your OBC will once again display accurate mileage and range information.

The circuit is simple to connect and requires only power, ground and a fuel signal as input.  It is extremely small, rugged and can be mounted almost anywhere.

 It is fully adjustable for any injector upgrade and in most instances will reach accuracy exceeding +/- .2 mpg! This adjustment Will work with m20s, m30s, s14, DOHC swaps,  and all other stock motor configurations. For v8 swaps, the correct module is here. 

This version uses the fuel rate signal from the stock ECU. 

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