Spal Puller 16" electric fan - 30101516- E30, E36, E46

Out Of Stock Spal Puller 16" electric fan - 30101516- E30, E36, E46


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Spal 16" puller fan - 30101516

These Spal 16" puller fans are the only fans we recommend and use on our very own cars. These very fans were used in our M60 e30 swap! Perfect fitment in  E30, E36, E46, E90, E92, E21, E34, and E39s. Meant to be mounted in a pusher configuration (in front of the radiator). Comes with a lifetime warantee.

These spal fans are have straight blades and are considered "Medium Profile Fan" 12V  puller . These fans  WILL exceed the performance of similar stock OEM fans and in most cases draw less power.

Can be used as a radiator fan, intercooler fan, and AC condenser fan.

Features a fully sealed motor that is waterproof/dustproof. Each spal fan is individually balanced for long life.

This is a universal not direct fit fan that may require fabrication of brackets to mount in your specific vehicle. Fitment is not guaranteed and you must do your research to make sure this will work with your car. We have used these with great success on many cars, if you have questions please don't hesitate to ask. 

Please note: An electric "PULL" fan goes  between the radiator and the motor. An electric "PUSH" fan  goes in front of the radiator.


Benefits of using a 16" puller fan for your motorswap

  • Ideal for e30 v8 swaps
  • Draws less amprege then OEM 
  • Provides more cooling then OEM
  • Weights less then Aux fan
  • Works well with E30, E36, E46, E90, E92, E21, E34, and E39s 

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  • Brand: Spal
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