E36 325i and 325is DSSR selector rod - 25111221547 / 25111222664

E36 325i and 325is DSSR selector rod - 25111221547 / 25111222664


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E36 325i/is DSSR Selector Rod - 25111221547 / 25111222664

Introducing the Garagistic E36 DSSR for your 325i or 325is.  This DSSR is meant for BMW E36 models that have the selector rod part numbers 25111221547 / 25111222664 . 

So what's a DSSR?  Well it stands for double shear selector rod. A DSSR will spread the torsional force on both sides of the selector rod instead of the OEM piece which connects from one side only. Based on the concept of the  E30 M3 DTM cars of legend! Going to a DSSR in your E36 will mean less play in the shifter, (decreases side to side motion). This means a more precise  and smooth shift every time. 

Now to the details. Our DSSR is made of solid stainless steel and then tig welded right here in our shop in Westminster CA,  USA. The tube is solid so its added weight will give your shift a mass assist effect. This means a very smooth and precise shift every time.

Please note: Compatible with oem style shifter only (some shifters will need to be slightly filed down to fit).  

Every E36 DSSR Selector Rod kit includes:

  • Replacement for 25111221547 / 25111222664 (E36 325i/is 09/94 and newer) 
  • Necessary hardware
  • Weighted solid core
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Fully tig welded

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