Rear Delrin Carrier Shifter Bushing (for: BMW e46, e36, e31, e90, e92) - 25111222015

Rear Delrin Carrier Shifter Bushing (for: BMW  e46, e36, e31, e90, e92) - 25111222015


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Rear Poly Carrier Shifter Bushing (for: BMW  E46, E36, E31, E39, E90, E92)

Time to give the shifter assembly in your E36, E46 or modern BMW an upgrade. Introducing the first and only poly rear carrier bushing for your E36, E46 and other BMW that uses the 25111222015. Many people replace the front bushings on the shifter carrier with a harder bushing such as delrin (which we also carry) , however, the rear of the carrier is often neglected. Even the brand new factory rubber allows for a ton of shifter movement!

Our rear Garagistic poly carrier bushings replace the original rubber bushing. Simply remove  the old one out and press these ones in!  No grinding is required to the shifter rod. Shape of hole in our bushing is an oval (not round) to fit contour of the shifter assembly rod perfectly.  

Our rear shiifter bushing replaces the stock soft rear shifter bushing to give you firmer more crisp shifts. While this shifter bushing will not change the geometry of the shifting mechanism, it eliminates excessive play in the system. This bushing is made from Lifetime Warranty 80A polyurethane for a solid construction that will last a lifetime. Replace it once, and your done.

Why poly and not delrin? We use a hard poly to give all the benefits of delrin with none of the draw backs. Poly deflects just enough so it works with solid or soft mounted transmissions. Delrin rear carrier bushings (if the transmission is not solid mounted, can break, be torn out, pulled out etc etc etc). The hard poly allows rod to slide in or out but not drag. This upgrade is a night and day difference when paired with delrin front carrier bushings and a Z3 short shifter conversion. Life time warranty! Never replace it again!

What BMW cars can use the Garagistic hard poly rear Carrier Shifter Bushing?

- All bmws that use 25111222015

- All E36

- All E46

- All E81

- All Z4

- All E90/E91/E92

- All F30/F31

-All E39 540i

- All F11/F12/F13

- All E31


Here is a video of a stock rear shifter bushings:

Here is a video after using a garagistic poly rear shifter bushing

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