E30 Bump Steer Adjustable Tie Rods

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E30 Bump steer Adjustable Tie rods

Garagistic E30 Bump steer adjustable front tie rod end kits allows the front outer tie rod end pivot to be relocated, which can be used to correct bump steer resulting from modified caster or lower arm geometry, making your e30 easier to drive and lowering lap times.  

"Bump steer" is when the steering wheel turns itself when one wheel moves up or down in a turn. This commonly happens in the middle of a turn on a lowered E30.  Excessive bump steer increases tire wear and makes the vehicle more difficult to handle on rough roads. 

Our bump steer adjustment includes multiple size bump steer spacers for precise adjustment depending on your ride height to eliminate that problem.

Not to mention the e30 adjustable tie rods themselves are INDESTRUCTIBLE. These are the beefiest units on the market today while still being lighter than OEM. Made Precision CNC machined monster SOLID 1" Hex! Most units on the market today are made with 1" hollow round tubing with a small slot for adjustments. Our monster 1" hex shape allows for a 1" wrench to be placed anywhere on the rod to adjust! No more stripped slots! 

These WILL handle the abuse of racing and drifting.  Sold as a pair (enough to do one car). Made in the USA. 

Please note: E30s still running stock steering rack will need E36 inner tie rods needed! If you are running a converted e36/e46 steering rack with E36 inner tie rods then these will work as is! Fits all E30s with 17" or larger wheels.  Some 16" wheels will clear but may require a spacer. The installation will require a 1/2" hole in tapered thru-hole in the spindle. It just needs to be slightly enlarged to accommodate bigger/beefier hardware. 

Garagistic Adjustable Tie Rod Features:

  • 1" Monster Aluminum Hex construction to reduce unsprung weight
  • Steel bump steer adjusters
  • Low friction Heim joints/rod ends
  • Multiple size bump steer spacers for precise adjustment depending on your ride height

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