E30 adjustable Rear Subframe conversion

E30 adjustable Rear Subframe conversion

E30 adjustable Rear Subframe exchange program

The stock e30 rear subframes does not allow you to align the rear wheels. Alignment is a critical point in spec e30 as well as general tracking/autocrossing. A must when lowering your car. Its night and day difference. When an e30 is lowered, the car has alot of negative camber. We make and sell camber/toe correction brackets to require critical welded and alignment for those of you who can weld.

If you want a bolt up solultion then this is it! This is a core exchange program. You send your stock straight/rust-free subframe in, we add camber/toe adjustment brackets as well differential reinforcements and send it back! This is a bolt up way to get an adjustable subframe that has both camber and toe adjustment with eccentric hardware. Send us back your STRAIGHT/RUST-FREE core and we will refund you $150. If you want your subframe powdercoated (most colors) it will be $75 additional. 

Do not be fooled by inferior kits consisting of bent sheet metal tabs that are flimsy and inferior. The fitment is poor on the eccentric bolt which increases the likelihood your car will go out of alignment over time or if driven aggressively. We have had customers get their cars out of alignment in a SINGLE track event with those kits! 

We can modify BMW e28, e30, e32, e34, e36 318ti, and Z3 rear subframes. By default these subframes come with the camber tabs welded so that the lowest point is where the factory hole is. That means you will only be able to dial out camber (90% of e30s need it like this). Under certain circumstances or by customer request we can weld them so you can dial in even more negative camber.

For toe we weld them centered. That means you will have .625 adjustment in both directions from factory. Again, this covers 90% of e30s. If you have an alignment sheet or need the adjustment only one way, let us know and we will accommodate you. 

These are spec e30 legal! 

How long does the modification take?

To ensure a quality and more durable part, we now powdercoat all of our subframes at no additional cost.  If you do not supply a core and we must source one, then add another week. So anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks depending on options. Supplying your subframe speeds the process along. You can use the box it comes in to ship your old subframe back. Your reworked subframe will come with our eccentric hardware. If you choose to send your core in to be worked, you will not be charged the $150 core. If you will sending in your core after you received the rework you will be charged the $150. Once we receive your core we refund you with 7-9 days using the method you paid with.

NOTE: WE PRESS IN OUR SUBFRAME BUSHINGS FREE OF CHARGE. If you add the bushings to your cart we can press them into the subframe at no extra cost. If you press out your subframe bushings we will refund you $25 off the price. 

Core exchange options

This will explain the core options. 

If you chose "I will supply my subframe upfront". You will not pay the $150 core charge upfront. We will wait until we get your subframe which is why you are not charged.  This option is the fastest. Supplying your subframe speeds the process along. If we must source a core then this adds a week to turn around time.

If you chose "I will return my subframe after", then you will be charged the $150 upfront. This will also add a week to the turn around time because we must source a core to modify for you.

If you choose "I will not be sending in my core" then you will be charged the $150. This will also add a week to the turn around time.

 If you press out your subframe bushings we will refund you $25 off the price. 


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