Garagistic Careers



Job Description:

As of right now, we are looking for BMW enthusiasts with varying skill-sets.  We won’t release specific jobs just yet.  We have always been involved in the E30 community and always want to help in any way we can.  We have decided to look in the community to grow our business and wish to work with like-minded, positive, innovative, and very hardworking people; enthusiasts making parts for enthusiasts.

Apply for the job you feel you would be the biggest asset for. If we feel that we can use that particular skill-set and you have the accompanying characteristics we’re looking for, we’ll message you with further inquiry. 

We are located in Westminster, CA. 

Read Before Applying:

 If you are not aligned with this philosophy below; please do not apply as you will not be considered.  We are looking for people who are passionate about what they do; whatever career you are applying for WILL NOT BE EASY.   We are looking for individuals with high resolve, dedicated, intelligent, hard-working and looking to grow with us. This is not a job but a career. Any position here will have long hours, busy days, and you’ll most likely be juggling multiple tasks. Though it will be hard, if you are passionate about E30’s and other chassis, you’ll love what you do everyday.

The Garagistic culture is defined by a shared expectation of being exceptional in all that we do. We value transparency to build trust, feedback to improve, and intense devotion to achieve our goals. We mutually strive to build an empowering work environment that is emulation worthy.

 Our mission, since day one, has always been to “give moderns hell.” This is much more than just a catchy phrase.  We are always aligned with the mission that, when ample effort is applied, anything is possible. It’s not who’s born richest or who seem lucky who persevere; it’s the hardest working who do.  The sweat, blood, tears, and copious amounts of frustration that fed into your late nights in a cold, damp, dimly-lit garage were not in vain; come track day, auto-cross, or any other event… your car will compete with cars that may have been purchased in an afternoon on a whim; cars that most likely have no sentimental value. Built not bought, to us, means that you take all challenges thrown your way and are constantly thriving to improve in all aspects of life; it’s reflecting in your life, work, and everywhere else.

We find our mission incredibly meaningful and challenging and want to align ourselves with people who do as well. Every part we make is made with our customers in mind; we strive for excellence in everything we do and are constantly trying to improve.


The Must Have Basic Core Qualifications:

- Must have experience and familiarity with the following Chassis: 

E30, E36, E46, E21, E28, and similar era chassis.  

(Include which chassis you’re knowledgeable/passionate about)

- Be a member of a BMW Forum(s) (include the corresponding username)

- Strong attention to detail and maintaining a fast pace while still being able to multi-task when necessary.

- Manage and thrive in a very high-paced, high “stress” and high urgency work environment while remaining composed.

- Be extremely adaptable, positive, and able to take constructive criticism and apply accordingly.

-Self-motivated with the ability to identify added tasks without supervision.


- Exceptional interpersonal and leadership skills to effectively communicate.

-Strong competencies in planning, project management, and organization with the ability to lead multiple activities and resources while maintaining a focus on quality.


-Solid analytical and strategic capabilities and business acumen along with demonstrated work ethic, integrity, and professional conduct and appearance.


-European performance experience a plus (Porsche, BMW, Audi, VW, Mercedes, etc.)



Preferred but not required:

-Have a BMW project car.

-Track, Autox, Spec-E30, and other applicable/related hobbies.

- Bachelors’ degree (include field).

-Automotive Technician training/education.

-Certifications a plus (such as ASE, BMW STEP, etc.)

- CAD-CAM Experience.

- Fabrication skills.

To be considered, please thoughtfully answer the following questions:

Answer the following thoughtfully to be considered: 

- Include your wage expectations and why.

- Why do you feel you would be a good fit at Garagistic?

- Why are you leaving your current job?

- Why should we hire you?

- What are you goals right now, in five years, and ten years?

-Tell us about yourself.

- How and why did you start modifying cars?

-Include any other information you deem relevant.

-Attach your Resume and Cover letter

Submit all applications to: