E30/E36/E46 Garagistic Captive Modular Rear Shock Mount

Pre-Order E30/E36/E46 Garagistic Captive Modular Rear Shock Mount


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E30/E36/E46 Captive Modular Rear Shock Mount


Introducing the Garagistic Captive Modular rear shock mount for BMW E30, E36, and E46 chassis. These rear shock mounts are solid CNC billet aluminum construction and are significantly stronger than any factory shock mount. Never worry about a failed shock mount again! The Garagistic rear shock mount also features a polyurethane insert for the best balance of performance and NVH management. The Garagistic E30, E36, & E46 rear shock mounts are compatible with both 10mm and 12mm shock shafts to accommodate most factory and aftermarket shocks (Please select your shock diameter in the options). As with all Garagistic products these come with a Lifetime Warranty!

Why Modular?

The Garagistic captive modular rear shock mount is the first component in the Garagistic Modular rear bracing system. These rear shock mounts serve as the base for the modular rear bracing system and will allow the addition of strut tower bracing left to right, as well as bracing to the rear differential mounting points. The idea behind this is to triangulate the rear end and help tie together and reinforce the rear of the chassis. By bracing the rear shock mounting points you are preventing the inherent flex of the shock towers and allowing the shocks to do their job of properly dampening suspension movement. With the addition of the bracing for the differential points this support is taken to the next level by not only preventing strut tower flex but also helping to prevent flex of the trunk floor and add additional support to the differential. The differential and rear suspension are how you put all that BMW power to the ground so keeping everything in place is critically important for optimal performance! (Additional bracing and attachments to be released very soon!)

Why Captive?

The Garagistic captive modular rear shock mount for E30, E36, & E46 has an additional benefit to its design by making the rear spring "captive" with the rear suspension even under full droop. BMW rear suspension is designed so that the spring and shock are independent of each other. While effective with factory components when upgrading to shorter performance springs or adjustable coil over suspension the springs are no longer captive under full droop or un-loaded suspension. What this means is that when lifting the car up off its wheels, or if you're the type to catch air in your bmw (if this is you we like you already), the rear springs can simply fall out. This can make putting the car back on the ground after it has been up for service a pain, and in a rally or track situation downright dangerous if you were to lose a spring while driving! The design of the Garagistic captive modular rear shock mount raises the upper shock mounting point in order to keep short springs under control by reducing the amount of droop thus keeping the spring in place between the arm and chassis. This also has the added benefit of helping to keep OEM length shocks in their optimal travel range when lowering your car. Keep it all together and prevent your springs from falling out with the Garagistic captive modular rear shock mount for E30, E36, &E46 chassis.

Will this fit my car? 

  • Fits on all E30, E36, E46 chassis


  • Billet Aluminum construction
  • Poly insert for 10mm or 12mm shocks
  • Lifetime warranty! 
  • Modular for additional bracing and strength (Coming soon!)

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  • Brand: Garagistic
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