E30 reinforced front subframes

E30 reinforced front subframes



This is one of the most important modifications you should make if you're driving your car hard or adding more power. The Garagistic reinforced subframe arrives freshly powder coated and includes welded tabs that make the sway bar and engine mounts much stronger. This is necessary to prevent breaking the subframe.  Stock E30 subframes that are used in any motorswap, from a S50 to an LS1 and anything in-between, will need to be reinforced to ensure longevity of your vehicle; it’s simply a must-have if you are using stiffer or solid engine mounts.  

The stock e30 front subframes live a pretty hard life. Filthy subframes with ripped motor mounts and weak sway bar mounting locations are a pretty common issue in the e30 world. Often times, the first modification E30 owners will do is reinforce their subframes; R3vlimited is littered with issues with subframe warpage and cracking on the engine mounting points and just how much of a costly repair ir can be; not to mention that bigger aftermarket sway bars on an e30 are not a bolt-up affair since the sway-bar tabs are very thin and weak. This holds especially true with motor swapped e30s with heavier and more powerful engines (LS1, S5X, M30, M60, turbo etc etc). That’s why we offer this subframe exchange program. Simply send us your straight and undamaged subframe, get a reinforced front subframe back (with your choice of color for powdercoat). It's as "bolt up" as it gets! These are a must for tracked vehicles. Even spec e30 legal!  

If you can weld, you can buy the e30 front subframe reinforcement kit here.


 Powdercoated (black is standard, other common colors are available)

 Fits all E30s, Including M3

 Reinforced engine mounts (including gusseted section)

 Reinforced sway bar mounts points

 Allows use of aftermarket/bigger sway bars

 Allows safe use of solid/stiff motor mounts

 Repair of existing damage (please inquire first)

 Reinforce of known weak point subframe

 Inexpensive insurance against failure


This is a core exchange program. Send us back your STRAIGHT E30 front subframe core and we will refund you $150. 

We usually stock these subframes but please inquire if time is an issue. If we have them in stock, we will ship them the day you place your order. However it could take up to 2 week before your item ships. When you receive your subframe and install it, you can then ship your old straight, undamaged, subframe back. If you choose to send your core in we will give you back the $150 core charge. Once we receive your core we refund you with 7-9 days using the method you paid with.

Add our solid engine and transmission mounts to your order for additional savings.


reinforced e30 front subframe

Freshly powder-coated E30 front sub-frames ready to see the track!


You can also add our front control arm ball joint reinforcement kit as an added option! Picture of that option is below!

A look at a pre-welded E30 sub-frame reinforcement 

Check out the Garagistic Blog for a write-up on how to install your reinforced E30 subframe!

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