E36 / Z3 Front Subframe Reinforcement Kit

E36 / Z3 Front Subframe Reinforcement Kit


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BMW E36 & Z3 Front Sub-frame Reinforcement Kit

Just like the e30 before it, the E36/Z3 front subframe is known for its weaknesses where the motor mounts attach the motor to the chassis. Over the years, this area sees high stress loads and could eventually fail and to paraphrase SouthPark, you're going to have a bad time.

That's where our  BMW e36 Front Sub-frame Reinforcement Kit come in. This kit is designed specifically for repair or reinforcement of the e36 front sub-frame mounting ears around the engine mount bushing attachment points. As your e36 ages, the front sub-frame can crack around the motor mount area; This can especially happen in hard track and autocross use. 

Installation may require minor grinding as every e36 has had a different life.

Will require welding. We also offer fully reinforced and re-coated front subframes on a core exchange program. They can be found HERE

Every E36/Z3 Front Subframe Reinforcement kit includes:

  • Two E36 motor mounts plates
  • Two E36 sub-frame gussets


If you cant weld, or want a bolt up solution, then the subframe exchange program is for you: https://store.garagistic.com/e36-reinforced-front-subframe?search=e36%20subframe

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