BMW E36 Polyurethane rear subframe bushings -33319059301, 33319066671

BMW E36 Polyurethane rear subframe bushings -33319059301, 33319066671


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BMW E36 Polyurethane rear subframe bushings -33319059301, 33319066671

There are the four bushings that connecting the subframe to the e36 chassis. These are the base for all of the rear suspension! These will fit all e36 cars except the "ti".  These polyurethane versions are ideal for both street and track use. These bushings provide a significant improvement over the factory rubber units but fit just like OEM. We have precision formed these bushings to ensure that they clear the weld beads and all the varied surfaces of the E36 chassis. What this does is ensure a tight fit and reduce the amount of flex experienced by the rear subframe and allow better power transfer and more consistent handling. 

The additional stiffness that the poly e36 rear subframe bushings provide means that your subframe will stay in its intended location resulting in a more predictable, and planted e36. These bushings are an absolute must for e36 cars that see constant track use.  These bushings provide an overall improvement during on/off throttle loading, cornering, weight transfer, etc. 

These subframe bushings replace OEM part numbers - 33319059301, 33319066671

This item fits the following BMWs: 

ALL E36s including M3. (does not fit TI cars)

Price is for all 4 subframe bushings. Enough to do 1 car. Comes with lifetime warranty. 


We offer the BMW E36 Rear subframe bushings 3 different materials: 80A poly, 95A poly, and solid delrin. Each material has its intended application and benefits. The 80A poly is the happy medium between upgraded bushings and plush OEM rubber. It is intended for the spirited street driver, and occasional Auto-X and track use. It offers a definite increase in performance with a limited increase in noise transfer and harshness. The 95A is the next tier up on the poly scale, offering a stiffer material than 80A and increased performance to match. If you have a car with a louder exhaust and or a car intended for only weekend use in the canyons or on Auto-X and track circuit this is the bushing for you. Finally the solid delrin bushings are for the ultimate in performance. This stiff solid bushing offers almost no deflection, keeping the rear end as tight as you can get it! It is designed for the truly hardcore racers and track enthusiasts.

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  • Brand: Garagistic
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