BMW E36/E46 offset delrin rear trailing arm bushings

-35% BMW E36/E46 offset delrin rear trailing arm bushings


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BMW E36/E46 offset delrin rear trailing arm bushings

This is the industries FIRST and ONLY offset rear trailing arm bushing set for your e36 or e46 . Includes both Left and right. These come in delrin and include new aluminum races, and a lifetime warranty!  When you severely lower your e36 or e46, the rear suspension by design ends up having tons of toe in. To compensate for that, these rear trailing arm bushings are offset to push our the control arm dialing out some toe out. How much is dialed out actually depends on how lowered the vehicle is. 

The factory BMW RTABs (Rear Trailing Arm Bushings) are meant for a very soft, quiet, and comfortable ride as  possible.  However, you bought the "ultimate driving machine" for a reason. Not only to poly/delrin rtab bushings improve cornering speeds and power delivery they also last longer then OEM units! That stands true for street and race use. We have tested delrin long-term successfully in both environments! 

If your e36 or e46 feels  "loose" when going around corners, these are the likely culprit. When the RTABs are gone the rear toe (the angle that the tire points in or out) will vary under load and cause this "loose" feeling. Factory mounts require replacement in less than 50,000 miles or 3 years. If you track your car, then they will need replacment even sooner!

Derlin is best for race application only. Replaces part #: 33322228153 and 33326757885

WHAT IS IT COMPATIBLE WITH?  All E36 except "TI" and All e46s

Price is for a both side (2 complet units or 4 pieces). Enough to do 1 car.

We stand by our products, comes with a lifetime warranty.

Benefits of our delrin offset E36 / E46  RTAB bushings

  • Better rear suspension response
  • Compensates for toe in (in lowered vehicles
  • Makes rear suspension predictable and planted
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Transmit more power
  • Oil resistant

Be sure to add our limiters or RTAB shims to further tighten your rear suspension.  They can be found here

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