E30/E36 Adjustable Front Control Arm Mount

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E30/E36 Adjustable Front Control Arm Mount

Introducing the Garagistic E30 and E36 Adjustable Front Control Arm Mount. Would you like the ultimate in alignment precision and no play? Then this is the front control arm mount for you. Made from billet aluminum and a high strength rod end this mount is guaranteed to hold your front control arm in proper rotational alignment without compromise. Since the rod end is threaded you also have the option to adjust its distance thus allowing you to change caster and track settings. This gives you the ability to truly fine tune the angle of your front control arms. Give your car the best control arm mount without compromise using the Garagistic BMW E30 and E36 adjustable front control arm mount!

Features and specifications:

  • The Garagistic adjustable front control arm mounts are made from billet aluminum and come with 20mm sperical rod ends. These rod ends are precision machined and the internal diameter is 20mm exact. This means that the end of your control arm must also be this diameter for proper fit. If your control arm is nicked, dirty, rusty, or painted it will need to be smoothed to fit or replaced with a new condition arm in order to work properly with this mount. Again this rod end opening is exactly 20mm and the end of the control arm must be the same. (DO NOT HIT THE ROD END WITH A HAMMER OR SIMILAR TOOL TO TRY AND INSTALL, IT WILL DAMAGE THE ROD END AND/OR MAKE IT NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO REMOVE LATER)

  • This adjustable mount for the E30 and E36 chassis will allow the front control arm mount to be adjusted from standard centered geometry when extended (as if there was a centered oem bushing installed) all the way to offset geometry when threaded in (as seen in E36 M3 cars and other offset mounts and bushings). This mount can also be reduced 3mm past the standard offset mount dimension when removing the jam nut, we do not recommend this set up but it is possible. 

  • This adjustable mount in the fully compressed or "offset" position does NOT make up for Non M arms when converting an E30 to 5 lug using E36 components. 96+ M3 lower control arms will still be required for proper caster. 

  • Another large benefit of using the Garagistic Adjustable E30 and E36 front control arm mount is its small size. This small size creates more room right where it counts when routing the exhaust on any E30 and E36 chassis, especially for engine swaps and V8 conversions. 

*** Installation notes: The arrow provided on the billet mounting block should always be pointed towards the inside of the vehicle (towards the transmission on both sides). The rod end will thread into the end that the arrow is pointing towards.***

Improper installation, use or abuse of this product WILL void the warranty. The warranty only covers the items that we make for this product.

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