BMW E30 Shift Selector Joint - 25117503525

BMW E30 Shift Selector Joint - 25117503525


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BMW Shift Selector Joint - 25117503525

This BMW Shift Selector Joint - 25117503525 is required when installing our DSSR on an earlier model E30 (prior to 8/89) or when using our DSSR for a m5x/s5x swap. These shift selector joints (25117503525) will install on both Getrag and ZF transmissions giving proper fit for a DSSR (double shear selector rod). This is especially important on the E30 transmission that came from a car prior to 8/89 manufacture date. The earlier model shift selector joint has an offset cylinder that is wider than the later model version. This earlier model does not fit a DSSR as the longer cylinder will not fit between the U cradle of the DSSR.

As always with aging BMW parts it is also advised to change the shift selector joint whenever you are doing a shifter component service. The aging BMW transmissions are generally showing their age and this selector joint ( 25117503525) has a plastic bushing that can wear out and cause slop. This selector joint is just one link in the system that can help tighten up your shifter feel and overall driving experience.

Recommend changing these in the older BMW for maintenance. Mandatory to change the selector joint for use with a DSSR. 

What cars will this BMW Shift Selector Joint - 25117503525 work in?

All BMW Getrag and ZF transmissions, especially those applicable to E30 and E36 chassis. 


(photo from RTS Auto)

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